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Helpful tips to soothe your teething baby

It is very difficult for parents to watch their young one’s discomfort and teething is one such natural phenomenon that make babies uncomfortable also it is very essential for a parent to know everything about teething right from the symptoms to remedies.

We have put together all the information and tips to soothe your teething baby.

When does teething start?

The process of teething actually starts in the mother’s womb and teeth buds start to form inside gums.
The first tooth of your baby may pop out anytime between 3 months to an year.

Teeth usually emerge in the following order the bottom two middle teeth followed by the top two middle teeth and then the from the sides and back.

The second molars found at the back of your jaw come out last usually at your baby’s 2nd birthday.  By age 3, your child should have a full set of 20 baby teeth.

Teething Symptoms

Below are some symptoms of teething

Sensitive or swollen gums
Excessive drooling
Refusing food
Trying to suck, chew and bite on everything
Grabbing ear more frequently

Besides these many parents relate high fever and vomiting to teething symptoms which is not scientifically proved.

Remedies to soothe your teething baby

Using a cold washcloth

It works like a charm same as ice works of your sprained ankle this one helps to soothe your teething baby.
Wet the washcloth and pack it in a clean plastic bag refrigerate and give it to the baby, your baby will enjoy chewing on it.  Alternatively you may also try refrigerated teethers with plastic handle so that your baby’s hand doesn’t get cold.
This tip is sure to soothe your teething baby.

Using pressure technique to help your teething baby

Application of pressure on. baby’s gums distracts their brain form the pain of teething and evidently babies love it.  A gentle massage on your baby’s gums will soothe your baby’s teething pain.

Use the pad of your finger and gently massage the baby’s gum line back and forth in circular motion , carry on the process with at least 10 minutes for your baby to have that soothing sensation.

Try a teething jewellery to soothe teething baby

Unlike conventional methods teething jewellery is emerging as one of the most trending and useful methods when it comes to soothing a teething baby.

Babies love to pluck and chew om. their mother’s attractive blings replacing them with a teething jewellery works like magic.

Here is a video of how to make a teething necklace .

Using chamomile to soothe teething

Known for its pain soothing properties chamomile not only benefits adults but also babies.

Freeze some chamomile tea in ice tea and take the cubes out in a muslin cloth.
Let your baby munch on the cloth with chamomile ice cubes and soothe their teething pain. Alternatively you may also rub chamomile ob baby’s gums not more than 3 drops on the tip of your finger.


Teething brings tough times for babies and family however we hope you get some benefit from the above tips.

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