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How to prevent skin dryness in summer season

We usually associate dry skin with cold and dry winter season however it is also very evident to notice it in summer as well .The scorching sun rays may cause your beautiful skin to dehydrate from inside leading to dryness. Well worry no more here are some life saving and natural and effective remedies for dry skin in summer

Causes of dry skin


Let’s understand the main causes of dry skin first –

Lack of hydration and water deficiency

Spending time in air conditioners

Blocked sweat glands due to clogged pores

Bathing in hot shower which leads to skin dehydration

Over scrubbing sometimes may introduce your skin to dryness

Besides avoiding these reasons let’s have a look now on some amazing ways to rejuvenate your skin in summer season.

Using sandalwood to cure your dry skin


It is an age old anti bacterial powder which offers multiple skin benefits like reducing pimples, enhancing your skin brightness, reducing signs of ANTI AGING and most importantly helps in curing dry skin.

Remedy – Mix rose water with 3 tablespoons of sandalwood, apply it evenly on your face and wash it off after 15 minutes.

You would instantly add this in your list of natural remedies for dry skin in summers after experiencing its benefits.

Using yogurt to cue your dry skin


A natural and most recognized skin moisturizer when applied on your skin increases the moisture content of the treated area which makes skin more elastic and brighter than ever.

Additionally the lactic acid present in yogurt works as an excellent exfoliate.

It removes the top layer of your dead skin and works as a charm for dry skin.

Remedy – Mix 2 tablespoon of yogurt with 1 tablespoon of honey, apply it gently on your skin, let it dry and then wash it off with normal water.

Watch how effectively it cures your dryness.

Using papaya to cure your dry skin


Besides being available throughout the year papaya is a rich source of nutrients and anti-oxidants, which is why it is loved by women throughout the world for the variety f sin benefits it offers.

It acts as a natural skin nourisher as it has Vitamin A and papain enzyme which helps remove dead skin cells and inactive protein.

It is also like a charm for hair treatment.

Remedy – mash 1/ cup ripe papaya, mix it with 2 tablespoons of whole milk and one tablespoon of honey.

Mix it well to obtain a consistent paste apply it on your face, keep it for 15 minutes and rinse it with cold water.

 Using aloe vera gel for dry skin


 Aloe vera gel has been used since long time for treating various skin related issues like mild burns and skin disorders. It is also known asplant of immortality for the variety of benefits that it offers for skin.

It acts as a natural exfoliate, skin brightener and natural cleanser

Watch this video to know how you can extract aloe vera gel at home.

Remedy – Mix pinch of turmeric with honey to obtain a paste, mix the paste with aloe vera gel, apply it on your skin for 20 minutes, wash it with Luke warm water and observe the changes.


Here is list of top 4 remedies that can take care of your dry skin in summe hope you find it beneficial.

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