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How vaping can expose you to cancer risk

Majorly most of the individuals today are picking up vaping (smoking e – cigarettes) over smoking.

Based on the recent studies scientists seem to have found out an answer to the question , can e – cigarettes cause lung cancer?

Let us see how vaping can expose you to cancer risk.

As per the recent study lab mice exposed to the smoke of e – cigarettes had higher levels of DNA damage in heart, lungs and bladder compared to the mice exposed to normal filtered air.
Thus Cells exposed to vape smoke are more likely to mutate, it yeilds similar effects as smoking a nicotine cigarette.

What is Vaping ?

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour produced by a vaporizer or electronic cigarette. The vapour is produced from a material such as an e-liquid, concentrate, or dry herb.

Clearly vaping can expose you to cancer risk.

In estimation about 18 million American use e-cigarettes, which are battery-powered devices that heat a nicotine-containing liquid.

The e- cigarette market is on a boom and may surpass combustible cigarettes soon data suggests.

Students as young as 12 or 13 are now more likely to vape than to smoke. Many are under the impression that because e-cigs don’t contain tobacco, they pose little risk to health. Well that’s not true as per the scientists vaping can now expose you to cancer risk.

Over the past few months, research has turned up evidence that vaping can pose many brand new risks including cancer.

Here’s what the experts say.

Moon-shong Tang, professor of environmental medicine at New York University, said the DNA changes were similar to those linked to second-hand smoke, but added that more work was needed to see whether vaping really did increase cancer rates.

Jasmine Just at Cancer Research UK said: “The evidence so far shows that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking.

Tough the research is valuable however the study only focussed at the effects of e – cigarette smoke on mice cells.

While some experts disagree from the view that vaping is harmful.

This does not prove that vaping causes cancer , the study shows nothing about the dangers of vaping . It is long time false alarm said Peter Hajek, director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London

Three flavouring chemicals cinnamaldehyde, o-vanillin and pentanedione caused toxicity or cell death in experiment. These chemicals produce cinnamon , vanilla and buttery flavors.

Check out this video about how vaping can expose you to cancer risk

While many young people live with the fact that adopting vape vs cigarettes is less harmful speculations continue to flow challenging the former. The ever growing temptation of smoking have given vaping an unusual market of youngsters however the possibility cannot be demised that vaping can expose you to cancer risk.

Lets hope we get more significant studies on this in future as no one would like to risk their lives in while searching for a healthy alternative of smoking.

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